Liz Perez offers healing from the past and hope for the future.

My goal for my clients is to bring healing and hope in the midst of life that can have pain, struggle, and loss. I help couples with intimacy issues, conflict, and communication. And, I assist my individual clients with trauma, anxiety, life transitions, grief, and relationships.

We came to see Liz when our marriage was in a very difficult place. I appreciate how gentle and patient she was with us. My husband and I both felt listened to and validated in our different perspectives. Liz really helped us heal our marriage and get to a place where we could get unstuck and feel close again. We are forever grateful for how much she helped us.
— — JB, 45 yr old female spouse, Nashville TN


Marriage can be wonderful and wounding, and sometimes at the same time. Differences in parenting, finances, careers can lead us into perpetual arguments leaving us lonely and hopeless. Other issues of health, addictions, trauma, and normal life transitions can add pressure to our relationship. Couples often get stuck in patterns of communication that lead them further apart rather than closer together. I help couples heal from relational wounds and learn new ways of safe emotional connection. 


Life can have pain, loss, rejection, or traumatic experiences which can leave us with loneliness, hurt, anger, anxiety or depression. Unresolved events or experiences affect the way we interact with the world and people around us. I bring healing and hope to my individual clients that struggle with anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma, relational issues, grief and loss. I provide a safe environment for my clients to process and make sense of their struggle and experience growth.